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  • New buildings

It is the study which determines the energy performance of the building in terms of heating and air conditioning needs. The study interconnects bioclimatic architectural design with electromechanical studies (heating, cooling, lighting) to calculate and achieve the optimal energy efficiency of the building.

  • Existing buildings

In the case of existing buildings, the energy performance study shall be carried out in the event of a major renovation or issue of certificates. For the energy classification, the energy inspection is carried out, which reflects the state of the building from an architectural and electromechanical point of view and identifies the necessary interventions, which will improve the current energy classification to that defined by the legislation.

Building Energy Efficiency Study Factors

Key elements in the study taken into account:

  • The climatic data of the area, the location and orientation of the building
  • The use of the building (residence, offices, etc.)
  • The coefficient of thermal permeability of building materials
  • Desired indoor environment (temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting) per thermal zone
  • The performance of the electromechanical systems to be installed
  • Data and assumptions for the calculation of the energy performance of the building according to the applicable legislation


Elements of Energy Efficiency Study of Buildings

The data included in the Performance Report are as follows:

  • Architectural design (volume, surface, orientation, etc.)
  • Issue of thermal specifications - characteristics of the structural elements of the building
  • Documentation of the location and orientation of the building to maximize the use of local climatic conditions
  • Design of building sun protection systems
  • Design of desired thermal zones (temperature differentiation of separate spaces in a building, for example in a hospital, etc.)
  • Electromechanical study and system performance


In IONIKI, we undertake the elaboration of an integrated study and design of the energy efficiency of the buildings in order to ensure the golden section between the economic solutions of the user and the energy saving.