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Is the study for the analysis, evaluation and design of garden architecture, exterior design, green projects and landscape gardening applications, as well as the study on the restoration of degraded natural ecosystems and disturbed areas.

Landscape design Factors

The factors that are taken into account in designing a landscape:

  • Environmental legislation
  • Aesthetics of the landscape
  • Type of the site, in which the study will be conducted
  • Ground morphology (in case of planting plans, we study the development capacity of them in the land)
  • Biological and ecological requirements of materials.


Details of Landscape design study

The items included in landscape design are the following:

  • Architectural designs and earthworks
  • Topographic Diagrams (pitch design)
  • Study of small projects (items that will enclose the surroundings, artificial lake, fountains, gazebos etc.)
  • Material Technology
  • Morphology and characteristics of plants

In IONIKI, we undertake the conduction of a comprehensive study with the harmonious cooperation of the scholar and the user, so as to achieve the sustainable landscape management and overall functional and aesthetic order, with a view to the optimal relationship between the user and the environment.