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Premeasurements - measurements are done to calculate the work to be performed or executed, based on precise on-site data acquisition, dimension and data measurement.

  • Cost estimates can be derived for the cost of the project to be executed.
  • The measurement determines precisely the geometric dimensions of the project being executed.


Premeasurements - Measurements Factors

The factors that define the study of the system are:

  • Current situation
  • Architectural designs (floor plans, views, sections)
  • Structural designs
  • Detail designs
  • Material specifications
  • Pricing budget


Premeasurements - Measurements Elements

In the deliverable of Premeasurements - Measurements to be delivered:

  • Type of project
  • Measurement unit
  • Quantity of materials
  • Unit price
  • Categories and subcategories of jobs
  • Cost


In IONIKI, we undertake the completion of the measurements and the calculation of the project cost with a high degree of convergence.