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It is the compilation of the calculations and the drafting of building designs, material tables, material specifications, etc., required for the static adequacy of a building.

Structural study factors

The structural study will take into account:

  • Regulations and Legislative Frameworks (Eurocodes, R & D & EKOS 2000, Greek Load Regulation, KN. Ltd., etc.)
  • required carrier opening
  • type of carrier (metallic, conventional, composite)
  • area seismicity
  • building functionality
  • Dimensions - Geometry of the area that is under construction
  • Ground foundation type


Structural Study Elements

The Structural Study includes:

  • Static computing report
  • Technical report with specification of materials
  • Construction designs
  • Detail designs
  • Assumptions in relation to loads, soil and typical trends of materials
  • Layout and calculations, showing the carrier system and loads


In IONIKI, we undertake the composition of structural studies of buildings, residences, professional and industrial sites with the basic tool the optimal techno-economic solution for utilization of the available space in relation to the legislation, the seismic protection and the special needs and preferences depending on the use of the space .