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It is a study design for the installation, control and operation of all electrical components that serve the needs of electricity consumption. They are divided into studies of electrical installations of strong and weak currents.

Typical studies of electrical current installations are:

  • Lighting and sockets
  • Professional lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Central and Low Voltage Distribution Boards
  • Power factor correction cosφ
  • Grounding
  • Lightning protection


Typical studies of weak electrical current installations are:

  • Security - alert
  • CCTV (closed circuit television with cameras and automatic video recording)
  • Audio distribution
  • Access control
  • Door phones, bells and video door operators


Electrical installation studie factors

In IONIKI, we undertake the study and construction of all types of electrical installations in buildings of various uses (offices, shops, industries, residences, apartment buildings, etc.) based on the following principles:

  • Our projects intend to improve comfort and workplace performance
  • The installation complies with the safety rules
  • Installation must be done by certified electricians


Elements of electrical installation studies

The basic elements of a study of electrical installations are:

  • The spatial study and uses of space
  • Calculation report for wiring, switches and security devices
  • The electrical diagrams


In IONIKI, we use the electrical installation study to find the best solution for the needs of each customer in terms of saving energy, space functionality and financial capabilities.