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It is the study for the calculation and design of the measures envisaged in the design and construction of a building, aiming both at preventing the risk of a fire in the building and on combating the fire.

Fire Safety / Fire Fighting Study Factors

In IONIKI, we prepare Fire Safety / Firefighting Studies, taking into account:

  • Citizens' protection in conjunction with security rules
  • Legislation
  • The use and size of the building
  • The rules of aesthetics and layout of the space


Elements of Fire Safety / Fire Fighting

A Fire Safety / Fire Fighting Study includes:

  • Technical report
  • Design of lights and signage escape
  • Construction designs for the determination of escape routes (Maximum Distance Control, etc.)
  • Design of fire detectors, installation of fire extinguishers, alarms, fire panels, etc.
  • Single-line firefighting designs
  • Electrical fire detection design
  • Material specifications


In IONIKI, we prepare the comprehensive Fire Safety / Firefighting Study for the area you are interested in, ensuring the protection of the building and preserving the taste of the space.