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It is the study of market forces to guide the activities of producers to meet the needs of the consumer and to design the organization on the basis of cost and performance criteria.

Organization and Operation of Industry Study Factors

In IONIKI, we prepare an Industry Study, taking into account:

  • The production and use of improvement
  • The size of the industry
  • The kind of industry
  • Segments contained in the industry
  • The structure of industry and the market


Elements of the Organization and Operation Study of Industry

The study includes:

  • The spatial planning of the installations (arrangement of sections, etc.)
  • The study on the operation of the parts between them
  • Organization chart for operation and procurement
  • The Study of Spatial Planning and Material Handling (Study of Work and Methods, Handling Equipment, etc.)
  • Planning and organizing production control (production planning, etc.)
  • The Design of Productivity Enhancement System through Study of Time and Work Methods


In IONIKI, with the integrated design of the Industrial Organization and Operation Study, we ensure the absolute calculation and estimation of samples, which explain the behavior of businesses in the markets in combination with their degree of profitability. The operation of the industy is governed by the harmony of innovation, organization, communication and sense of security in all the links of the production chain.