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The studies of photovoltaic installations and systems relate to the design of the installation (layout and calculation of total power and distribution).

Wind turbine installation studies concern the design and calculation of the system from foundation to energy production.

Photovoltaic plant / wind turbine study factors

In IONIKI, we are preparing a Photovoltaic Study, taking into account:

  • Surface size and type
  • The power required
  • Layout to avoid shading
  • The installation materials of the system
  • The power and existing electricity network
  • The environmental conditions of the installation area
  • The ground morphology
  • The size of the area where the installation will be installed
  • The calculation of the annual exposure of the sources (solar radiation, wind potential)
  • Parameter calculation (density, intensity, variance, etc.)


Elements of Photovoltaic Installations / Wind Turbines studies

The Study for the installation of photovoltaic and wind turbines includes:

  • Layouts and diagrams
  • Electrical and construction designs of the installation of the system (installation plan, monlinear design, etc.)
  • Material specifications
  • Topographic diagram and area map sheets
  • Calculate savings for conventional actions
  • Proposals for optimal integration of PV / wind turbines on the stadium
  • Estimation of annual energy output per unit of measurement of the installation
  • Energy Efficiency Study of the Plant
  • Financial data (yield, interest rate, etc.)
  • Calculation of installation materials (fencing, concrete, etc.)


In IONIKI, with the complete elaboration of the study, we have the main purpose of linking the financial incentives (system performance) of the user with the absolute harmony of the advantageous solutions, the energy effect and the protection of the environment.