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It is the study on the collection, performance and design of a solar heating system in homes, industries and workplaces to exploit the energy of the sun in an instant usable or storable form. In addition, mixed systems include the water use study (DHW)

Solar Collector Study Factors

In IONIKI, we prepare Solar Collector Studies, taking into account:

  • The size of the collector and the installation surface
  • The water storage tank
  • The installation surface
  • The solar potential and the geographic orientation of the collector
  • The needs for heating - hot water
  • The number of users and the type of use of the building (resulting in the number of collectors, etc.)
  • The water supply network


Elements of Solar Collector Studies

A Solar Collector Study includes:

  • Calculation report
  • Technical report of solar system specification (insulation, absorption materials, etc.)
  • Construction designs
  • Plan of water supply design
  • Performance calculation


In IONIKI, integrated studies are prepared, based on the optimal techno-economic solution, the quality of the materials and the meeting of the energy needs for the installation of the collectors.