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It is the study that includes all the necessary calculation and design to ensure the noise protection and the noise reduction of the space, according to the existing legislation and the needs of the user.

Sound insulation study Factors

In IONIKI, we prepare a sound installation study considering:

  • Limits established by existing Legislation
  • Type and use of the building
  • Local Elements (part, etc.)
  • Aim of sound insulation (sound insulation of ducts, sound insulation of a center of entertainment, sound insulation by external factors, etc.)
  • Daily audible measurements (noise intensity and quality)
  • Impression of the existing acoustic environment
  • Estimation of transmission and noise pressure


Elements of Sound insulation study

The sound Insulation study includes:

  • Design of soundtracks
  • Type of building elements for the installation of sound insulation
  • Calculation of sound insulation index (reduction of noise without transmission from side roads)
  • Calculation report with the behavior of noise (pressures, frequency, intensity, etc.)
  • Absorption coefficients
  • Sound insulation values ​​that exceed the requirements of the current Building Regulation
  • Technical specifications of soundproofing materials


In IONIKI, with the design of the Soundproofing Study, we achieve complete sound-proofing protection by offering a satisfactory acoustic environment in the workplaces and user residences.