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The study of thermal insulation - energy efficiency of buildings concerns the elaboration of a study of energy planning in the building sector with the aim of improving the energy efficiency of buildings and minimizing the energy losses of the system.

Thermal Insulation Studies / Building Energy Efficiency Studies

In IONIKI, we prepare Thermal Insulation / Energy Efficiency Studies for buildings, taking into account:

  • Saving energy
  • The climatic conditions
  • The Legislation and Energy Regulations (KENAK)
  • Improving life and performance in space
  • The beauty of the space
  • The security restrictions
  • The coefficient of thermal conductivity
  • The surface and layers of the building element (from the outside to the inside) for which the coefficients of thermal conductivity


Elements of thermal insulation / energy efficiency studies for buildings

A Building Thermal Insulation / Energy efficiency Study includes:

  • Establishment of minimum energy consumption limits
  • Technical specification report (boiler - burner, radiator, heater, solar, etc.)
  • Energy Classification of Buildings (Energy Efficiency Certificate - PEA)
  • Thermal insulation requirements
  • Cost of heat loss


In IONIKI, we have certified energy inspectors who conduct studies to find the best solution for your needs in terms of energy saving, space functionality, economic potential and environmental protection.