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It is the study that evaluates and calculates measures to address environmental impacts during the operation and construction of public and private projects in the environment and aims at:

  • the adoption and publication of the Environmental Terms and
  • in addressing environmental impacts.


Environmental Impact Study Factors

The factors taken into account for the study are:

  • Type of pollution and waste generated by the activity under study
  • Products produced
  • Geographical area
  • Existing pollution
  • Applicable National and European Legislation


Elements of Environmental Impact Study

The Environmental Impact study includes:

  • Environmental data
  • Project phases and impacts on the environment
  • Impact study and addressing them
  • Calculation of Environmental Impact Standards


In IONIKI, with the design of the Environmental Impact Study, we have the basic objective of fully monitoring the implementation of the project study, establishing a framework for rational planning with the principles of prevention of the sustainable and ecological functioning of the activity.