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It is the study for waste management, collection and transport, transhipment, treatment, recovery to incineration and ultimate safe disposal.

Waste Management Study Factors

For the preparation of the Waste Management Study the factors taken into account are:

  • Type of waste
  • Population of users
  • Usage for which the system is intended (eg urban, industrial, alternate, medical, etc.)
  • Method of wastewater treatment (such as landfilling of hazardous (non-hazardous, urban and inert) waste, cesspool, septic tank, septic tank, etc.)


Elements of Waste Management Study

The study requires:

  • Biotechnical study (Modes of Processing, etc.)
  • Technical design for installation
  • Description of system management phases
  • Calculation of system management specifications


In IONIKI, with the drafting of the Waste Management System Study, we aim to develop environmental and economic incentives to improve waste management and reduction.