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In geological section, interpretation, design and visualization of the geological formations and natural sections of the subsoil is made.

Factors of Geological Sections

Basic details of the geological sections that are taken into account:

  • Soil morphology
  • Geological-Geotechnical subsurface conditions in the project area
  • Hydrogeological conditions (level, permeability of soil horizons etc.)
  • Mechanical characteristics of the subsoil (embankments etc.)


Detail of geological sections

The items included in the studies are the following:

  • The technical study of the geological/geotechnical elements of the wider region
  • The classification of soil in different hazard categories
  • The content of substances (clay, pH etc.)
  • The technical specifications with the physical and mechanical characteristics of rocks
  • The geologic maps-Geological sections


In IONIKI, we undertake the complete design, interpretation and evaluation of the subsoil for the submission of study with ultimate goal of the safe, in combination with economical construction, operation of a technical project.