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On geological studies the identification, analysis and design of the morphology and the quality of geological base is made, for its future behavior under imposed charge (possibility of territorial burst, slope instability, large permanent deformations).

Surveys and mapppings are the studies in which the change of magnetic or electric properties of the subsoil is studied and calculated, due to the presence of specific objects that lie beneath the surface of the ground and then the subsurface mapping of the area is conducted for better use of the environment.

Factors of geological studies, surveys and mapppings

Basic data on studies and surveys that are taken into account:

  • Study of the existing or the under study area
  • Size of extension
  • Redistribution of the surface layer of the soil
  • Quality and soil resistance
  • Geothermal field search
  • Hydrological-hydrogeological conditions


Data of geological studies, surveys and mapppings

The items that are included in the studies and surveys are the following:

  • Study of small depth mapping of the subsoil
  • Delimitation and design of the geophysical strands
  • The final report (colored maps, topographic maps, geological maps etc.)
  • Geological study for the suitability of the area
  • Detection and suitability studies of the materials (use as inactive, structural stones etc.)
  • Classification of the foundation soil in one of the soil categories that are defined by the EAK 2003
  • Geophysical and Geoseismic studies


In IONIKI, we undertake the complete design of the study with a view to explore the suitability of the sites and lands in the bedrock of foundation for the construction of the projects.