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It is the study, the estimation and calculation of the subsurface data (such as voltage, estimation of sedimentation etc.) before the excavation of the site for the foundation of a building.

Factors of Soil Technical studies for the foundation of the buildings

Key elements of the study that are taken into account:

  • Estimation of the carrying capacity of the soil
  • Extent of the required soil technical research
  • Seismicity of the region
  • Type and importance of the building (farm sheds, schools, industrial buildings etc.)
  • Estimation of the class of the soil
  • Foundation surface of the building
  • Behavior of materials in soil


Details-data of Soil Technical for the foundation of the buildings

The elements included in the studies are the following:

  • Soil Technical Study
  • Foundation designs
  • Study of foundation materials
  • Soil technical study of the suitability of the area
  • Classification of soil foundation in one of the soil categories that are designated by the ΕΑΚ 2000,
  • Geoseismic studies


In IONIKI, we undertake a comprehensive study of data of the subsoil, with the result to be the reference point for the development of the project with the appropriate specifications.