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It is the study of the installation of a fuel and gas network, from the gas meter outlet to the exit of the fuel gas outlet, to homes, industries, shops and offices.

Study of Fuels - Natural Gas Factors

In IONIKI, we prepare Fuels - Natural Gasl Studies, taking into account:

  • Consumption needs
  • The needs for heating - hot water
  • Saving energy and space
  • The use and size of the building - industry
  • Ventilation devices
  • The abduction of gases (smokers, chimneys)
  • Enforcement of fire protection rules


Elements of Fuels - Natural Gas studies

A study of Fuels - Natural Gas includes:

  • Calculation report
  • Technical Specification of Materials Specification
  • Construction plans and floor plans illustrating the network and facilities
  • Fire protection installation study


In IONIKI, we undertake the complete study, knowing the benefits of using a gas / natural gas network (economy, ease of use, space saving, reduced maintenance costs, environmental friendliness) and we propose to install them through our projects.