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It is the study concerning the calculation of the participation rate and cost of use of the elevator and the costs of central heating (operation and extraordinary) per residence, workplace, etc. in a building.

Heat and elevator cost distribution study factors

In IONIKI, we prepare the Study, taking into account:

  • The number of housing - offices in the building
  • The heating consumption number
  • The floor of the property
  • The square meters of space
  • Property ratios
  • Fee rates
  • Occasional work cases (stairway painting, maintenance materials, etc.)


Στοιχεία Μελέτης Κατανομής Δαπανών Θέρμανσης- Ανελκυστήρα

The study includes:

  • Table of rates of charge
  • Calculation of heating count units
  • Calculation of participation of each property in the building
  • Cost allocation according to participation of the ownership


In IONIKI, we conduct cost sharing studies, based on the feeling and the substance of the burden on co-owners. Each of our studies is accompanied by advisory proposals on energy saving.