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It is the study of the design of the refrigeration cabinet installation to produce and maintain the temperature of a space or material at a constantly low price in industries and commercial stores.

Refrigeration Chamber Study Factors

In IONIKI, we prepare Refrigeration Chamber Studies, taking into account:

  • The size of the installation and its use
  • Cooling capacity
  • The heat loss
  • Cooling Costs
  • The temperature of the installation area


Elements of Refrigeration Chamber Study

The data included in a Refrigeration Chamber Study are:

  • Calculation report
  • Insulation thickness and type of insulation
  • Technical report of refrigeration cabinet specifications
  • Installation study (cash locations, etc.)
  • Calculate performance and costs


In IONIKI, with the know-how, the years of experience and the technical and scientific expertise, we provide comprehensive studies of refrigeration cabinets, minimizing waste and heat transfer and proposing optimal economic solution to the site.