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The water study calculates the needs for water use, irrigation, special use (washing machines, dyers, etc.) and specifies the entire hydraulic networking study, as well as sanitary ware.

Water Supply Study Factors

In IONIKI, we prepare a Water Study, taking into account:

  • Existing network and services from which the network will receive
  • Type and size of installation (tank, etc.)
  • Ground morphology (pressure due to altitude, etc.)
  • Medium speed
  • Pressure losses - coefficients of friction
  • Types of water uses


Elements of the Water Study

The data included in the water supply study are as follows:

  • Calculation of cross sections for the network
  • Pipe type study
  • Construction drawings of the part of the network (length, etc.)
  • Type and Recipient Delivery
  • Calculation of the total inlet and outlet pressure required
  • Technical study of materials calculation


In IONIKI, we prepare Water Based Studies with an optimal solution in the financial and technical field, with the highest quality of materials and we recommend the appropriate specifications for the installation of the network.