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Entrepreneur Abroad
November 23 2017

Entrepreneur Abroad

A program to boost extroversion and promote the internationalization of businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.


Small, very small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises which export before the date of application for funding

  • At least one management use of 12 months has been closed.
  • They have eligible CSPs listed in Annex VI to the call for products that they wish to promote through their participation in trade fairs. They should also process / produce these products.
  • They are already exporting and at least 2% of their annual turnover comes from exports of products they produce / process. The year of calculation shall be the closed administrative year preceding the year of submission of the grant application.


They are not eligible to apply for funding:

  • public undertakings, public bodies or public bodies and / or their subsidiaries and companies in whose capital or voting rights more than twenty five percent (25%) of them are directly or indirectly involved, T.A. A 'and B' grades and all the above public bodies individually or jointly
  • undertakings which form part of a well-organized, uniform distribution network of products or services and which, under relevant contracts, use intellectual property rights licenses, which usually cover trademarks or distinctions and know-how for the use and distribution of goods or services franchising, shop in shop, brokerage network, etc.).


Eligible Sectors

The eligible categories of business (CAC) Processing that can be funded under this Action are listed in ANNEX VI ELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES (CSD). The investment projects to be funded will cover the following priority strategic areas of the Operational Program "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship, Innovation" (OPANEK):

  • Agri-Food / Food Industry
  • Cultural and Creative Industries
  • Materials / Structures
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Information and Communication Technologies ICT
  • Health-Medicines


Eligible Expenditures

A. Participation in trade fairs outside the Greek Territory:

  • Cost of participation and registration / registration costs in the Exhibition catalog
  • Travel and subsistence costs of business representatives participating in each trade fair. Eligible are the costs of up to four (4) representatives of the enterprise pertaining to:

I. Flights to Financial Position

II. Individual trips to and from the venue

IIII. Staying up to € 300 per person per day

  • Penthouse rental, construction / fitting costs and rental of required equipment eg. audiovisual equipment for projection needs.
  • Cost of sending and returning exhibits (including the cost of insuring them).
  • Fees specialized external collaborators necessary for the management / operation of the stand (eg interpreter, Pavilion Guardian etc). The cost of these fees as a whole can not exceed 20% of the total expenditure authorized for accession for each report
  • Cost of design and translation of booklet (s) (computer form). The standard forms (models) should be at least bilingual (not necessarily in the same form) and the total eligible costs of design can not exceed the amount of € 1.000 per standard form.


B. Project Management and Monitoring

Eligible costs are the costs of providing services for monitoring and managing implementation in accordance with Article 18 of the European Commission's Generic Exemption Regulation 651/2014, subject to the following conditions:

  • include the time between the submission of the application and the completion of the project
  • do not constitute a continuous or periodic activity nor are they linked to the enterprise's usual operating costs, regular tax and legal advisory services or advertising services.

Possible travel, subsistence and other travel costs of consultants are included in their total remuneration and are not eligible as discrete costs.



Investment projects with a total budget of up to € 100,000 are supported

The public subsidy amounts to 50%

The total budget is € 50,000,000

Analytically by region:

 East Macedonia and Thrace, Central Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Weste Greece  € 18,000,000
 West Macedonia, Ionian Islands, Peloponnesus, North Aegean, Crete  € 10,000,000
 Attica  € 13,000,000
 Central Greece  € 8,000,000
 South Aegean  € 1,000,000
 Total  € 50,000,000


Date of submission and duration of implementation

Start applications from 08/01/18 with the invitation to remain open until the budget is reached and at the latest by 18 months from the submission date. Note that for this action, applications are ranked in priority order. The duration of implementation of approved business plans should be at most thirty (30) months from the date of the decision to join.

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