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Strengthening of the Foundation and Operation of New Medium-sized Tourism Enterprises
November 09 2017

Strengthening of the Foundation and Operation of New Medium-sized Tourism Enterprises

The action concerns the strengthening of the implementation of an investment plan for the creation of a new tourist business as well as the support of existing new businesses.


Category A: Businesses established after 07-11-2017 and active in eligible CSFs.
Category B: Established businesses for which until 07-11-2017 the following apply:
a) Have acquired at least one of the eligible CSDs 55 of the Annex or the CABs.
b) The VAT number has not developed any economic activity since its establishment.
c) The tourist accommodation license (label) has not been issued.
d) They have a building permit for this tourist accommodation.

Eligible Activities

  • Hotels with a capacity of 10 to 50 beds and rated in three (3) or more. The part of the investment plan that concerns the capacity of more than 50 beds will be funded with equity.
  • Hotel accommodation in traditional buildings (see 33/1979).
  • Camping with a rating of three (3) stars or more.
  • Youth hostels.
  • Tourist furnished residences (at least 3 residences).
  • Furnished rooms - apartments (3 and 4 keys) with a minimum capacity of 10 beds
  • Travel agencies
  • Car, motorbike, scooter rental, etc.
  • Tourist Enterprises of Road Transport with one or more special tourist buses of the Law 711/1977.
  • Forwarding agencies engaged in the recruitment of professional pleasure boats.
  • Alternative Forms of Tourism (Sports Tourism, Maritime Tourism, Rural Tourism, Recreational - Theme Parks, etc.)
  • Other business activities in the Tourism sector. Other business activities are those that are not included in the above categories but will be listed in the Eligible Activities Table in the Program Implementation Guide.


Eligible Expenditures

  • Buildings, other facilities and environment (up to 80%)
  • Machinery - Equipment - Facilities & Equipment for Environmental Protection and Energy and Water Saving (up to 80%)
  • Certification of quality assurance, environmental management systems (up to € 3,000.00 per certificate, total cost € 12,000)
  • Promotion - Participation in Exhibitions (up to € 15,000)
  • Expenditures of Technical Studies of Tax Engineer and Legal Advisor (up to € 40,000)
  • Software and Software Services (up to € 10,000)
  • Means of transport (up to € 25,000)
  • Drawing up and monitoring the implementation of the Investment Plan (up to € 4,000).

The eligibility date for eligibility is 07-11-2017, and you will be able to receive a prepayment using the Escrow Account.

Budget of Action, Plans and Duration

The program budget will amount to € 120 million (public expenditure), while the subsidized budget of each investment may range from € 25,000 to € 400,000.

The amount of the grant is set at 45%, but it can be increased to 50% if there is provision for new jobs (at least 0.2% of wage earners). The achievement of the objective is controlled one year after the beneficiary realizes the investment (the date of the last document of expense or repayment).

Beneficiaries should provide evidence of their own participation at the rate of at least 60% of the proposed (subsidized) budget of the Investment Plan when submitting the application. The deadline for completion of the funded investment may not exceed thirty (30) months from the date of the adoption of the Accession Decision.

Proposal submission period

The submission submission date is 18/12/2017 with a deadline of 28/03/2018.

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