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Upgrading of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Retail, Catering and Private Education
February 02 2017

Upgrading of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Retail, Catering and Private Education

Aim of the program

Aim of this action is to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the sector of retailing and services (catering, private education).

Potential Beneficiaries

Are the very small, small and medium-sized existing retail enterprises and catering services and private education (pre-schools, kindergartens).

Investment Axes and Eligible Actions

The Action relates to the following three investment axes:

1. Energy conservation.
2. Integration of Information and Communication technologies (ICT) at the providing service.
3. Enhancing of the safety and hygiene of the premises.
4. Strengthening of the supply chain.


1) The eligible actions within the framework of the energy savings will include:

  • Configuration tasks of the appropriate premises for the improvement of the energy management and environmental footprint.
  • Replacement of equipment with new, energy efficiently enhanced.
  • Certification of enterprises with contemporary specialized standards with a view to improving the quality of services, such as the standard of ELOT 1452-quality management system of commercial shops.


2) The eligible actions under the context of ICT will include:

  • Development of electronic display systems for products and services on the Internet (web sites).
  • Development of online shops (e-shop).
  • Development of business portals for access from mobile devices (mobile portals).
  • Developing business applications from mobile devices (mobile apps).
  • Renewal of educational material (interactive whiteboards, projectors).
  • Digital equipment to assist the service (e.g. electronic ordering etc.).
  • Enhancement of cloud infrastructure for managing applications and data.
  • Utilization of application service providers (ASPs) infrastructures for e-commerce practice with low cost.
  • Participation in existing online shopping platforms, digital reports etc.
  • Completion of new systems with any existing business applications (accounting system, enterprise resource management system etc.).


3) The eligible actions under the context of supply chain will include:

  • Configuration of distribution net: number, location and network dispatches of suppliers, production facilities, distribution centers, warehouses, docks and customers.
  • Distribution Strategy: gives answers to issues that concern: 1) The control of functions 2) distribution systems  3) means of transport e.g. truck, rail etc. 4) replenishment strategy and 5) transport control.
  • Information: The completion of processes through the supply chain so as to share important information.
  • Theme management: Quantities and place of stocks as well as raw materials.
  • Cash flow: Arrangement of the payment terms and methologies for the exchanging of funds between entities within the context of supply chain.

Value of Action, Plans and Duration
The value of the action amounts to 111.100.000(50.000.000 public expenditure). The subsidy rate amounts to 40%, reaching the 50% in the case of recruitment of new personnel.
The duration of the investment projects amount to 18/24 months.

Application Submit Period
The proclamation is to be expected.