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Business Licensing (General Direction)
July 31 2012

Business Licensing (General Direction)

The operating license is the last process that must be done before the operation of the business. The engineer of the business will undertake to complete its licensing process.



Issuance of accounting books and records

At the start of the business, it has been declared the way that the company follows its task information (computerized or manuscripts).

If the tax system that has been selected for the company is manuscripts, the books and data are issued by the tax office of the local area. If the system is computerized, the use of tax mechanism (SSTMLR) is declared by notification to the competent tax office for data issuing. For retail businesses, the cash register is declared in the tax office. The economist will undertake the above.



Operating license

The license is issued by the issuer of the establishment – installation licenses, and depending on the activity of the business the equivalent process is followed. The engineer of the company will fill the folder with all the necessary documents and will submit them with the application of interest, to the competent licensing authority.



Approvals and Process Handling

The approvals to be received by the business depend on its activity (authorization of traffic connection, certificate of adequacy from the competent health service, license for water use, waste construction license, fire protection certificate, hydraulic test certificates etc).

The engineer who is entrusted with the processing of the procedures, will take the necessary steps to get all the approvals needed so as to gather all the necessary documets in a folder.

After submitting the folder and the application of interest, the authorization entity checks the folder. If no further request is made, the autopsy at the site of installation is made and the operating license is issued in a short period of time.