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Faqs for Home Solar Panels and their answers from the PIA (Photovoltaic Industry Association)
March 03 2012

Faqs for Home Solar Panels and their answers from the PIA (Photovoltaic Industry Association)

In the following article we have published a text from the Photovoltaic Industry Association for the household photovoltaics which answers the following questions:

  • Who does the PV installation on buildings concern?

  • What does in practical terms a “very small enterprise” mean?

  • Does the program apply throughout the dominion?

  • Does the program alsos apply to vacation houses and under construction buildings?

  • Can I install PVs on an arbor?

  • Who is considered the proprietor of a photovoltaic system, the one that has the bare ownership or the one that has the usufruct of the building ?

  • I live in a block of flats. Can I install a PV?

  • Is the placement of a PV system allowed from the proprietor of the building which it rents it to a very small enterprise for its housing?

  • Very small enterprise is housed in its own building on land which is leased for a long time. Is the placement of a solar system allowed by the business owner?

  • Will I sell all the solar power that I produce to the PPC or just the excessive?

  • At what price will I sell electricity produced by the photovoltaic?

  • Which are the requirements to join the incentive scheme?

  • If I am a household consumer, should I open ledges to the IRS?

  • The exemption from income tax applies to very small businesses?

  • Is it needed a special permission?

  • Is there any city urban planning requirements to be observed?

  • Which are the steps that I should do?

  • Can I install the system all by myself?

  • What space will I need?

  • Will my roof endure the weight of the PVs?

  • Will I need to alter the insulation of the roof to install a PV?

  • Could I have my roof overheated due to the PVs?

  • Can I combine the photovoltaic with a green roof?

  • What equipment do I need?

  • How many kilowatts do I need for my home?

  • How much energy a PV produces?

  • How much money will I need?

  • What is the environmental benefit?

  • Where will I find reliable photovoltaic companies?