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Licensing of photovoltaic systems
June 29 2011

Licensing of photovoltaic systems

There are different cases of installation of photovoltaic systems, the licensing of which is discussed below.

The most common installation places of PV panels is:

a) House roof

b) House terrace

c) Warehouse

d) Shelter

If the panels are to be installed in any of the above, a small-scale license is not required if the building to be installed has a building permit.

A title is required from the land registry, and the owner must have a meter installed by DEI in his name.

If there is a building in the site that does not have a building permit but can be proven that it had been built before 1955, a 'demolition exception' license is required.

In the case of the construction of a shelter on the site where the house is located, small-scale construction works is required for the construction of the shelter.