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Industry and small industry can be installed in specially designed areas, which are called industrial zones, small industrial parks and off - plan areas.

Their license is divided into three stages:

  • Environmental licensing
  • Installation permission. The installation permission is first issued and the entrepreneur is able to install the equipment within the time specified by the installation license.
  • The operating license, which controls the fully installed unit and after the certificate is certified by the Health Division or the Rural Development Directorate (in the case of agricultural products), is issued.

License Credits for Installation and Operation of Manufacturing Industries

In the licenses for the installation and operation of industries and small industries, the preparation of the folder contains fully elaborated the following studies:

  • Topographic diagram-traffic study
  • Architectural studies
  • Environmental Studies
  • Electrical and mechanical study
  • Fire Safety Study

The aforementioned, as the case may be, may be modified.

All engineers of the above specialties must work together to optimize the design and study of the building.

Procedures for the Issuance of an Installation and Operation License for industries and small industries

Initially the environmental study is being prepared and submitted to the competent department, which approves the conditions according to the legislation in force, depending on the category (approval of the Department of Health, Urban Planning, etc.).

Then, the topographic study will be presented in which the location of the company will be depicted and the terms of building-coverage of the area will be defined. Then, the architect and the civil engineer make the architectural and static design of the facilities combined with the use - functionality of the building and the preferences - user requirements.

Once the drawings have been designed, the electrical engineer compiles the other studies on the suitability of the building (study of electrical and mechanical installations - machinery, fire safety study, risk study, etc.)

In IONIKI, the project engineer undertakes to coordinate the remaining engineers  and to supervise the uninterrupted preparation of the folder until it is completed.