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Safety Engineer Services
March 13 2016

Safety Engineer Services

IONIKI provides safety engineer services and engineer supervision of factories in the following industries, on issues related to occupational health and safety, the prevention of accidents at work and the proper functioning of factories:

1. Sunlight S.a Systems (2016-today)
Batteries Production Industry
Olvio, Xanthi
2. Sunlight Recycling S.a (2016-today)
Batteries Recycling Industry
Industrial Area of Komotini
3. Sea Systems KDB Ltd. (2016-today)
Sand Blasting Industry
3rd km Alexandroupoli-Ferres
4. Confectionery Papaparaskeya S.a (2015-today)
Sweet and Pastry Production Industry
Petrochori, Xanthi
5. B.Kazakos Bros. General Partnership (2015-today)
Machinery unit construction industry
Across the Railway Station, Xanthi
6. Losito Francesco Ltd. (2014-today)
Shellfish Industry
Avato, Xanthi
7. Kyklos S.a (2014-today)
Production, Sale, transportation of concrete & aggregates
Behind the national stadium-Xanthi
8. A.Pantazidis and Sons General Partnership (2007-today)
Wood Industry
2nd km Xanthi-Kavala highway
9. Myrtsidis Konstantinos General partnership & Co (2009-today)
Garlic Selection, standardization and packaging Industry
Nea Vyssa, Orestiada
10. Kitsos G. – Xadjidimitrioy G. General Partnership – Scrap Nestos (2012-today)
Selection, transportation, temporary storage and processing of old iron, metal, old vehicles and electrical appliances - Temporary battery storage
2rd km Crossroad of Chrysoypoli-Xanthi
11. Tekton S.a (2008-2016)
Concrete Production Industry
Xanthi, Polyanthos Komotini, Alexandoypoli
12. VK Scorpios LTD (2014 - 2015)
Sand Blasting Industry
3rd km Alexandoypoli-Ferres
13. Superior Undies S.a (2010 - 2015)
Socks and Tights Production Industry
Genisea, Xanthi
14. Hadjioannoy S.a (2009-2014)
Paint Industry
Genisea, Xanthi
15. Maitex S.a (2009 - 2011)
Paint Industry
Palaio Katramio, Xanthi