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Kentauros Xanthi 9.45 kW
September 28 2012

Kentauros Xanthi 9.45 kW

Project Description

IONIKI undertook and installed a photovoltaic system of 9.45 kW on a house roof at the area of Kentauros in Xanthi. 35 panels of the MAGE SOLAR company were used. Their type was Mage Powertec plus mono high power 270 W each. In order to convert the continuous current into alternating current, a three-phase inverter was used. Its type was TRIPOWER 10000 TL-10 SMA/SUNNY. The installation was done with hooks which were placed under the tiles of the roof and screwed on its structure. The profile was screwed onto the hooks on which the panels were placed with the appropriate holders.


 Project Information

 Client: Antas Choussein
 Location: Kentauros Xanthi
 Power Installation: 9,45 kW
 Completion Year: 2012
 Value: 13.530 €
 Supervisor: Vezeris Dimitrios