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Sminthi Xanthi 9,88kW
April 25 2012

Sminthi Xanthi 9,88kW

Project Description

The project involved the installation of a photovoltaic system of on the roof of a house on the roof of a house at the area of Sminthi in Xanthi. To take full advantage of the space 38 PV panels of the MAGE SOLAR company type Powertec plus mono 260W each were installed, on a hipped roof, where because of minor orientation in the South used an extra shelter. The slope is satisfactory while the roof slope is small. The support system is Mage Safetec.


 Project Information

 Client: Hadjiosman Hasan
 Location: Sminthi , Xanthi
 Power Installation: 9,88 kW
 Completion Year: 2011
 Value: 20.910 €
 Supervisor: Vezeris Dimitrios