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Xanthi 9.805 kW
April 02 2012

Xanthi 9.805 kW

Project Description

IONIKI undertook and installed a photovoltaic system of 9,805 kW on a house roof in Xanthi. To take full advantage of the space, 37 panels of the MAGE SOLAR company were installed on a gabled roof facing south. Their type was Mage Powertec plus mono high power 265 W each. In order to convert the continuous current into alternating current, a three-phase inverter was used. Its type was TRIPOWER 10000 TL-10 SMA/SUNNY. The support system is Mage Safetec.


 Project Information

 Client: Kapza Feizoula
 Location: Xanthi
 Power Installation: 9,805 kW
 Completion Year: 2011
 Value: 20.910 €
 Supervisor: Vezeris Dimitrios