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Business Licenses
April 20 2014

Business Licenses

The licenses for the establishment and operation of stores and businesses, involve the licenses which are granted to natural or legal persons from the mayor or the president of the community, following a decision by the council, issued after all of the request of the person concerned.

For the check the council takes into consideration certainly issues relating to land use, building conditions, protection of the natural, cultural and built environment, protecting the foreshore and beach area, the archaeological and historic sites, forestry legislation, as well as the general operations of the city.
On the establishment and operation of the stores licenses, the submission of the folder contains fully worked out the following studies:

  • Certificate of the main use of the store
  • Topographic diagram and circulatory connection
  • Architectural studies
  • Building license
  • Electrical study
  • Fire safety study
  • Other studies, sound insulation - technical ventilation etc

Depending on the requirements of your business, IONIKI  has the right people for the issuance of the building permits. The building permits are divided into the following categories:

  • Building permits for building constructions
  • Building permits for building expansions
  • Revision and amendment of building permits
  • Re-assignment building permits
  • Legalizing arbitrary structures permits

For issuing any license the following studies are necessary:

  • Topographil diagrams
  • Architectural studies- Energy efficiency studies
  • Structural studies
  • Electromechanical
  • Tax
  • Schedules to perform
  • Calculations of insurance contributions

Depending on the type of the license the folder that is filed in urban planning is modified.

IONIKI has filed over 100 folders scoring the corresponding licensing installation and as well as more than 30 folders for issuing building permits.