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Management Systems
April 20 2014

Management Systems

The operation of the modern businesses must be based on certified management systems. A management system guarantees the ongoing customer satisfaction index if implemented systematically. In addition, both systems and certificates, ensure the orderly, legal and safe operation of the business.

Development & Certification of Management Systems

Nowadays we have developed standards of management systems for quality, environment, food, agricultural products, work, safety etc. There are systems for all activities and businesses. What is needed, is a systematic and comprehensive development, with which the company will be provided with the proper operation tool. The certificate in a company proves the interest of the company's for quality.

Check and certificates

Apart from the management system, many corporations, especially industries and construction companies, use equipment and machinery. This mechanical equipment works either under pressure, or lifts loads, or has special, from the point of safety, use. These machines periodically are subjected to inspection and tests for reliability and operational safety. In IONIKI, safety at work is a parallel activity with business growth.

IONIKI has undertaken and handled so far over 40 cases of certifications and systems in various companies.