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Residential Permits
April 20 2014

Residential Permits

Depending on the modifications that you want to make in your residence, IONIKI  has the right people for the issuance of building permits. The building permits are divided into the following categories:

  • Building permits for building construction
  • Building permits for building expansion
  • Revision and Modification of building permits
  • Building permits for change of use
  • Small-scale building permits
  • Building permits for legalization of arbitrary constructions


The following studies are required to issue any license :

  • Topographil diagrams
  • Architectural studies- Energy efficiency studies
  • Structural studies
  • Electromechanical
  • Tax
  • Schedules to perform
  • Calculations of insurance contributions

Depending on the type of the license, the folder that is sumitted in urban planning is modified.

IONIKI has submited more than 10 housing proposals  achieving the corresponding issuance of permits.