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Our Service

IONIKI ΕΤΕ has undertaken both the supervision and the construction of a great number of buildings and electromechanical installations during in project managements. The provided services include the scheduling, the organizing, the inspection and the coordination of the construction of industrial buildings and business premises, as well as the management of natural and human resources that participate in a project. More in detail, the actions that are processed to construction projects include:

•    the interpretation of  architectural designs and specification designs,
•    the coordination of workforce and the workshops as well as the timely delivery of the building materials, installations and equipment,
•    the consultations with architects, engineers, professionals and also with mechants and mechanics in general,
•    the negotiations with owners of the buildings,  contractors and subcontractors that participate in the procedure of construction so as to assure the timely delivery of the project within budget,
•    the preparation of offers and contracts,
•    the observance and implementation of coordinated work schedules according to the area that will take place,
•    the insurance and the compliance with the legislation for the construction and the output in terms of quality, cost and safety,
•    the coordination for the presentation of the required designs to local authorities,
•    the construction according to the signed contract or the subcontract,
•    the supervision of the subcontractors' progress and
•    the arrangement of inspections by the local authorities.