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Our Service

We undertake entirely the support of industries and businesses.IONIKI has specialized personnel who can provide services related to your industry.

Engineering Studies

Topographic Studies: They refer to topographic diagrams, road construction studies, transportation project studies and circulatory connections. The goal is to accurately imprint the project so that it never causes trouble to the owner of the project.

Architectural Studies: The philosophy of aesthetics of our projects is to remain in the perception of the observer and to give identity to the project. Our architects perceive the room as a operation, sensation and economy. In IONIKI, you will see your project firstly in a photo of the design, so that you will know from the beggining what project we will carry out. Today all the architectural design is governed by the filter on energy efficiency in cooperation with the electrical - mechanical engineer.

Civil Engineering Studies: Today the manufactures have alternate forms, between conventional and metal structure. With the evolution of the machinery we can shape a variety of styles, shapes, but also cross sections of iron, so as the project to the form that we have designed. Moreover, in addition to the static-structural adequacy, the timetable for implementing the project is one of the essential conditions for the success of the venture.

Electromechanical Studies: The electromechanical installations are those who operate the building and give a lot of its active features. Studies of electrical, air conditioning - heating, fire safety, water supply, drainage, lighting, heat insulation, sound insulation are some of the studies prepared by the mechanical-electrical engineers. Apart from these studies, the engineers conduct organization and operation studies of the production processes, up to the business activities. In an industry, our engineers ensure the proper maintenance of machinery and equipment, as well as the prevention, through education, safety and hygiene of work.

Environmental Studies: The environment is a source of life not only for mankind, and it deserves our respect and protection. Growth can not co-exist with environmental stress and contamination. Today great progress has been made in alternative waste management and in general, in the mindset and culture of dealing with the environmental impacts. Each activity has an environmental impact and our engineers have the knowledge and experience to study and record ways of confronting them.

Geological Studies: The stratification of soil is of paramount interest in the foundations of a building, but also during drilling-mining. In these and other similar cases we need soil analysis and study, in order to determine the technical part of the project. In addition, the geological studies are necessary for the design and development of infrastructure areas.

Consultancy Studies

From the very first steps of the conception of a business idea, until the big plans of an ingrained business, our advice and subsidies department is beside you and supports your actions. The complete package of advisory services, includes the following steps:

Strategic planning: Firstly we help you define your purpose and the market that constitutes the presence of your business on the market. We investigate the business and its environment and identify the favorable and unfavorable factors (SWOT Analysis). Based on the the SWOT Analysis we study the association of cost-benefit (feasibility study) and predict whether to proceed to the next step or if needed to make changes. Finally, we design the business strategy and formulate the conditions for your business to be competitive in the market.

Organization and Operation: We delve into the organizing and operation of your business and plan your processes, so that they are oriented to quality and at the same time, they are fast, operational, efficient, cost-effective and flexible. We shape the architecture of your space, to maximize the effectiveness of processes and the performance of your employees. Finally, in cooperation with COSMOS4U, we provide solutions such as computerization and business automation, to minimize the management costs by improving the time of executing a process.

Production Modeling

In the contemporary business environment with the intense competition and the consistently increasing pressure for reducing of time and cost of production, the maximum utilization of resources and production capacities, is the most crucial determining factors for the sustainability of the industries.

IONIKI ΕΤΕ undertakes the simulation of production lines of the industries with a view to maximum efficiency, to the proper utilization of human workforce and to make them strong in the contemporary competitive environment.

Firstly, the operation of the production line is recorded and in particular the stages, the time durations, the machines, the flows of raw materials and products as well as the packing process. Then, the production line is modeled and simulation scenarios are studied through production. Taking into account the limitations (physical, technological and financial) that are encountered daily at the production lines, the operational way is approached, like a combination of several parameters which take values with specific features that interact with each other. Subsequently, the prediction of the production volume for each product category is ventured, based on previous years production volumes using the appropriate mathematical models. Different models are used and on the basis of the results that tend to occur as well as estimations of industry executives, the most appropriate model is selected which produces the most realistic results. Using these results the most efficient production plan is suggested.

Operating licenses and Premises

The issuance of installation and operation licenses, refers to enterprises (industries, handicraft industries, health service shops, garages and workshops). Granting an establishment or installation license is the first action and marks the start of business installation. After its completion, the second action follows, the granting of the operating license for the legitimacy of the operation of the business.

To achieve these licenses the following actions have been made:

•    The plans of the enterprises and industries have been designed
•    The engineering design studies of the enterprises have been worked out
•    Environmental studies have been prepared
•    Studies of active fire protection have been elaborated
•    Occupational hazard studies have been conducted
•    The liable supervisors-operating engineers have been designated


Certifications and ISO

The operation of the modern enterprises must be based on certified management systems. A management system guarantees the continuous correction of the customer satisfaction index if applied systematically. In addition, both systems, as well as the certifications, ensure the smooth, legal and safe operation of the enterprise.

Development & Certification of Management systems

Nowadays there are developed standards of management systems for the quality, environment, food, agricultural products, work, safety, etc. There are systems for all activities and businesses. What is needed is a systematic and comprehensive development, with which the company will be equipped with the proper operation tool. The certificate in a enterprise proves its interest for quality.

Inspection and certificates

Apart from the management system, many companies, particularly manufactures and construction companies, use equipment and machinery. The mechanical equipment works either under pressure, or lifts loads, or has a special security use. These machines, intermittently are subject to inspection and testing for the reliability and the safety of their own operation. In IONIKI, safety at work is the parallel activity of the business development.

Safety Engineer

The safety engineer provides to the employer indications and advice on topics related to healthcare and safety of the workplace and the prevention of accidents. The employment time depends on the number of employees and the level of risk of the company. We provide safety engineer services to industries, handicraft industries, laboratories, confectioneries, bakeries, workshops and professional services offices.