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The circulatory connection is the compilation and design of road studies, studies of nodes and connections with properties (houses, shops, hotels ,etc.), labeled parts (landscapes, museums, institutions, etc.) or road networks.

Factors of circulatory connection studies

The factors which are taken into account for a study are:

  • The type of installation, its size, as well as the traffic implications that will be caused.
  • Access management (type and number of vehicles entering the project)
  • The face of the area that is defined by minimum distance
  • Safety measures by the responsible authority in the case that the plot has face in a national road or provincial or certain distance from intersection with national network.


Details-data of circulatory connection

The content of the road studies is governed:

  • By the directions of roadworks studies of the General Secretariat of Public Works of the Ministry of Environment.
  • By the approved specifications of recognized entities when required by the context of the convention.


In the studies of circulatory connection are imprinted:

  • Topographic diagram of the area
  • Road studies and junctions, including the original design of roads and bridges , where it is necessary
  • Study of signage and insurance
  • Studies on Mechanical and Electric-Lighting in circulatory connection.


The mainspring in circulatory connections is the production of the required infrastructure in economical and technical development of the project, in order to ensure better and easier user and project service.