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Is the mapping and the composition of the study for the construction of the roadway, according to the needs of this specific traffic circulation and the assessment of environmental impacts.

Factors for the composition of road construction studies

In IONIKI, we compose road construction studies taking into account:

  • Functional and geometrical features (use of project, ground morphology, speed of study, etc.)
  • Environmental impacts of road projects.


Details-data of road construction studies

The details-data that are included in the study of the road construction are the following:

  • Topographic mapping
  • Composition of cadastre and tables of actuarial
  • Geologic studies
  • Studies of sewerage, flood protection and drainage
  • Studies of environmental impacts
  • Study of road signs
  • Studies of technical projects
  • Composition of technical specifications


In IONIKI, we undertake the composition of road construction studies based on the basic principles for the successful project planning, linking the importance of road safety with the maximum road usage, dealing always with the standards that have been established by the responsible technical entities and the approval of the environmental conditions of the project.