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The study of transportation projects is the composition of road studies, studies of nodes, circulatory studies and studies of traffic circulation connections.

Factors of a transportation project study

The factors that are taken into account are:

  • Feasibility standards and goals, which this specific project serves
  • Ground geomorphology, local conditions and any particularities, e.g. Antiquities, social reasons, etc.
  • Traffic conjuction of an area
  • Environmental impacts.


Details-data of the study of Transportation projects

The content of the road studies is governed:

  • By the directions of roadworks studies of the General Secretariat of Public Works of the Ministry of Environment.
  • By the approved specifications of recognized entities when required by the context of the convention.


In the study of Transportation projects are included:

  • Topographic diagram and Geological study of the road
  • Study of roads and nodes, which include the original drainage design of roads and bridges
  • Study of signage and insurance
  • Static studies and special architectural studies
  • Other studies (hydraulic, mechanical and electrical)


In IONIKI, the main development index in transportation projects is the production of the required infrastructure in economic and technical development of the project to ensure the best and most qualitative solution for the transport service of the area.